Driving traffic to your brand through our web application and social media influence

friendly code operate a network of websites, applications and social media pages used by millions of people around the world. We drive targeted traffic to popular online brands to increase exposure and sales.

  • 16Years established
  • 8Actively maintained websites/applications live
  • 3.3MWorldwide social media followers across our pages
  • 154Days left before #Christmas 🎅

Most of our product/service advertisement posts are handled via affiliate network links. If you're signed up to an affiliate network and we're one of your affiliates we can promote your products and deduct a small commission of each sale.

We work with many affiliate networks. Our preferred networl is AWIN but we can also promote you via Webgains, CJ, Impact, TradeDoubler, Rakuten, Sharesale, Amazon UK & Amazon US.

Sure - please get in touch with further details and we can get something set up.

We use Google Adsense for display ads across our websites. You'll need to sign up for a Google Adwords account to start and advertising campaign and show ads on websites.